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'Where did it all go wrong?' A career in human factors.

14th June 2020, 8pm, Online room opens 7.50pm

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A talk by Professor Graham Edgar

Talk begins at 8pm for an hour, followed by Q&A.

In past years we've run weekend events where professional psychologists have presented on the areas in which they work, and we thought it might be interesting and helpful to people wondering "What do I do next ?" if we could run a series of similar sessions again. Of course ... online !

The title of our first talk is "Where did it all go wrong?'  A career in human factors.", presented by Professor Graham Edgar (University of Gloucester):

"Human factors (HF) is a fascinating application of (mostly) psychology.   HF can aid in building systems that people can use (you really feel it when you encounter a system with bad human factors) and can also work out what went wrong in errors and accidents.  This talk will explore the human factors of systems, errors, and accidents - and how HF may help to avoid them."

The talk will last for around an hour, followed by the chance to ask questions. We hope you'll join us, and while entry is free, you need to bring your own drink 


Graham Edgar

 Professor Graham Edgar has been a tutor with the OU for many years, and is both a current DE200 tutor and a regular contributor to OUPS weekends. He was an author of the Perception & Attention chapter in DSE212 and is co-author of the Chapter ‘Paying attention’ in DE100. He is Professor of Psychology at the University of Gloucestershire, where he works in the general area of cognitive psychology, with particular interests in the areas of perception and situation awareness (SA). Current research includes studies of driver behaviour, decision-making in firefighters, and the development of techniques for measuring SA - including measuring brain activity using electroencephalography (EEG). Graham has spent a substantial amount of time applying psychology in the ‘real world.’



Hardware and software requirements

This lecture will be delivered using Adobe Connect. We recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer to attend the event, and you may be prompted to install a small software client so that you can see the presentation if this is not already on your computer.

Smartphones and tablets will also work, but the quality of your experience may vary depending on the performance of your device and your connection speed.

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