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Online DE300 Springboard (Qualitative)

2nd October 12.30pm, LOUPS Online Room
Online booking has now closed, please contact london@oups.org.uk for availability.

Using Qualitative methods for your final-year project

This is the methods session of our DE300 Online Springboard Day for students who are intending to use Qualitative (Phenomenological or Discursive) methods in their final-year project.

Do I need more than one day ?

Yes, you should book the full DE300 Online Springboard day and at least one of the project methods sessions.

  • The full day covers all of the approaches because you need to know about all of them in order to answer your EMA (compare and contrast different perspectives etc.)
  • However your project will actually use one of the three methods, so we have a separate session to cover each of these. If you know what approach you're taking then you can book the relevant project session. If you don't know what method you're going to use, you can book the full day plus all three of the separate sessions.

LOUPS DE300 online

Please note that while we are unable to address the EMA directly, this event will cover all the relevant topic areas of the module for the Qualitative approaches.

How to join the event

You can buy this event just like any other OUPS event.

  • We will then send you several reminder emails as the event approaches, each containing a personalised link. You can click on any of these to join the event.
  • Once you have bought this event, you can also find your link to join the session right here, along with any event materials. You will just need to log into the website and come back to this page shortly before the event.

Printed material

Please note that this is a paperless event.

To be more environmentally friendly and to help manage our prices we will make electronic copies of any relevant handouts available to all registered attendees, either in advance so that those who need printed versions have plenty of time to organise these, or shortly after the event if the tutor has decided that this is more appropriate for their lecture. These are for attendees' personal use and may not be shared.

We'd like to thank our tutors for working to ensure that their presentations do not contain material to which they do not have copyright and for making them available in this way. And in advance, we'd like to thank all of you who support us in actively contributing toward a paperless environment and saving a few trees along the way !

Event-specific material (accessible if you are logged in and authorised)

Please note that a fee will be applied if you download materials and subsequently cancel your booking (see our Terms & Conditions).

  • Qualitative Methods


The session will start at 12.30pm, and will comprise two 45-min talks with a 15-min break.

12.30-13.15pm Positioning qualitative research

13.30-14.15pm The three project options


  • Phil Hulme  has been a DE300 tutor since its start, in region 07 in Yorkshire. Previously Phil was a tutor and exam marker on DD307 since its introduction and also tutored on its predecessor D317. Phil has been tutoring on OUPS weekends for a number of years and always gets excellent feedback from the students.
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