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Mixed Methods Workshop

27th - 29th January 2017, Warwick University.
Online booking has now closed, please contact secretary@oups.org.uk for availability.

Due to the popularity of this workshop we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Places are limited to 40 students.

A psychology degree is widely promoted as producing graduates who are both literate and numerate. However, students studying at traditional universities would typically receive three hours tuition on research methods and statistics every week throughout their first two years of study. The independent nature of OU study makes this level of support impossible and can leave OU psychology students trailing a little. To address this issue, two experienced tutors, Neil Frude and Jim Handley, have put together a workshop which will be offered at an OUPS weekend in Warwick.

Although they are best known to OUPS members for their inspirational and entertaining lectures at OUPS revision weekends on the social and cognitive courses, between them Neil and Jim have more than forty years experience  teaching statistics and research methods and have successfully supervised several hundred undergraduate and postgraduate students’ research projects, theses and dissertations. Neil has also published a well-received book on statistical analysis using SPSS. Students who attend the revision weekend frequently comment in their feedback that Neil and Jim both have a gift for making complex concepts understandable.

“Getting a real grasp of research methods and statistics is the single biggest challenge that psychology students face in their course.”, said Jim. "We've all had the “ah-ha!” experience of having something explained to us with simple examples ‘switching on the light’ in a way that struggling for hours with an arid textbook never quite manages. That’s our aim with this course.”

They will start from first principles, explaining key concepts in statistics and research methods, covering the design of experimental research projects and conducting quantitative data analysis in SPSS. It will also cover the most widely used qualitative research methods in psychology. Overall the workshop will provide support for your OU Psychology degree. The engaging, ‘hands on’ sessions combine lectures, demonstrations, workshop activities, worked examples, data gathering and real-time analysis. Students bring their own laptops so that they can practise the skills they acquire.

Please click here to download a draft programme for the workshop. A review of the 2015 workshop can be downloaded here.

These are some of the comments that students have made about previous workshops:

'The tutors knew exactly how to pitch the level of teaching of stats to my level - for once in my life I was totally engrossed, learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the experience '

'The whole weekend has boosted my confidence so much! '

'They could not have been better - I had been anxious and they immediately made me feel at ease'

'Really enjoyed it - The SPSS hands on work was superb - thank you'

'The two lecturers were fantastic - who would have thought stats would be so much fun! '

'Knowledgeable, motivating, sense of humour, helpful, approachable, inspiring and passionate about the topic' 

'Fun, interactive learning, friendly, concise and clear explanations - interesting and educational'


Neil Frude has taught social psychology at the OUPS revision weekends for many years and is noted for his lively, engaging and inspiring style. He is a consultant clinical psychologist and the clinical research director for the clinical psychology training course in South Wales. He is also the author of “A Guide to SPSS” published by Palgrave Macmillan and – in a somewhat different key - he performed as a stand-up comedian for 16 nights at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004.

Jim Handley has tutored Open University cognitive psychology courses for sixteen years and is a regular at the OUPS revision weekend. He has a reputation for inspiring, informative and entertaining presentations. He is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and uses psychology to solve real world problems, with a focus on psychological well-being, resilience and behaviour change a well as being principal lecturer in a traditional university where he set up and currently runs the BSc in Applied Psychology.

Please remember to bring your own laptops to this workshop


The weekend takes place in the Radcliffe Conference and Training Centre at the University of Warwick in ensuite management conference facilities.  Warwick is an award winning conference venue with excellent facilities. Access to the sports facilities, including the swimming pool, are included in the price. The university's central location with excellent transport links makes it easily accessible from all over the UK and Europe. There is ample free car parking. For more details go to www.warwickconferences/our-venues/radcliffe

Subsidised places

A number of subsidised places are available for this event. To apply for one of these please click here

Travel and directions

For directions on how to get to the University of Warwick go to http://www.warwickconferences.com/delegates/how-to-find-us

For a campus map go to http://www.warwickconferences.com/sites/default/files/WarwickConferences-CampusMap.pdf


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