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LOUPS Pub Social - Mindful stress management

17th July 2020, 8pm, LOUPS Online Pub
LOUPS Social Event
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A talk by Dr. Jutta Tobias-Mortlock, 

Talk begins at 8pm for an hour, followed by Q&A.

The London Open University Psychology Society (LOUPS) are delighted to have Dr Jutta Tobias-Mortlock to present this talk.


Mindfulness has been linked to effective stress management for the last few decades. But why and how exactly can mindfulness help us manage stress more effectively?

In this interactive session, I will connect with you in a discussion about what mindfulness is and is not; how it can help individuals and groups handle stress in different ways; and what this can mean concretely for you. I will draw on the latest mindfulness science and on my research with senior leaders in public service organisations to bring the ‘hard’ science on this topic to life.

My goal for the session is to enable you to take away at least one practical insight that you can apply immediately in your own life.


Jutta Tobias-Mortlock

 Jutta Tobias Mortlock, PhD, is a social psychologist with over 20 years of work experience in organisational development and capacity-building in six countries on three continents.

Her research interest is focused on behaviour change initiatives in workplaces geared at generating sustainable wellbeing and performance, using "third wave" cognitive behavioural approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and other evidence-based mindfulness frameworks. She teaches and advises on workplace mindfulness and leadership and is a popular keynote speaker on the link between wellbeing and performance.

In partnership with her colleague Dr Trudi Edginton, Jutta co-directs City University's Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research (mindfulness-science.com), a think tank dedicated to helping shape the next generation of mindfulness research, practice, and policy.



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Tickets cost £5.

The LOUPS Online Pub holds a maximum of 150 people.

This social event combines the comfort of your own home with a research-based talk in a cutting-edge area. 

Cost includes a glass of whatever drink you would like to bring with you !

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