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LOUPS Pub Social - Hidden CSI effect? Face mapping: a cause of forensic mis-identification

26th June 2020, 8pm, LOUPS Online Pub
LOUPS Social Event
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'Hidden CSI effect? Face mapping: a cause of forensic mis-identification'

A talk by Dr. Monika McNeill, GCU

Talk begins at 8pm for an hour, followed by Q&A.

The London Open University Psychology Society (LOUPS) are delighted to have GCU's Dr Monika McNeill to present this talk.


Recognising a friend’s or a family member’s face is pretty easy. Most of us also think that we’re reasonably OK when recognising faces in general. It turns out there is plenty of evidence that we are very poor when it comes to identifying unfamiliar people.

But how does the criminal justice system deal with it? With the rise of DNA testing we now know that incorrect face identification is accountable for about 75% of wrongful convictions. What happens when there is not enough evidence to match a perpetrator with a suspect and do the available techniques of face mapping really work?

These and a number of other interesting issues will be discussed in the talk.


Dr Monika McNeill is a lecturer in Psychology with 20 years of experience; currently based at Glasgow Caledonian University, where she is a module leader and a popular lecturer in Cognitive and Developmental Psychology. Monika has also worked at The Open University as an Associate Lecturer in Psychology for over 12 years and is a regular tutor at weekend revision courses for Open University Psychology Society (OUPS).

She also contributes to a number of other modules, e.g. Forensic Psychology, Applied Psychology, Research Methods, etc. and has nine years of experience working as an applied psychologist, providing therapeutic interventions and developing psychological programmes for young adults and children with high functioning autism (Asperger Syndrome). 

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Tickets cost £5.

The LOUPS Online Pub holds a maximum of 150 people.

This social event combines the comfort of your own home with a research-based talk in a cutting-edge area. What's not to like about it? :)

Cost includes a glass of whatever drink you would like to bring with you !

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