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ED209 Consolidation Weekend

4th-6th March 2016, Warwick University.
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ED209 is a fascinating course but contains a vast amount of information and sometimes it can feel that you are getting a little overwhelmed by all the material and are unable to do it justice. The key to getting to grips with the course is to be able to draw all the elements together and identify links so that the course makes sense as a whole. In the past many other OU courses included summer residential schools at the halfway point and these helped enormously to bring together all the information and thus enhance understanding. However, this is not offered on ED209!

The OUPS Consolidation and Inspiration Weekend aims to fill this gap by offering you a residential weekend where you can focus totally on ED209. It draws together material from across the course to take an in-depth look at some of the key topics within the course, providing an overview of the course, exploring difficult concepts and examining key themes and links. Thus it will help you understand how the course all fits together. It will provide you with the understanding and knowledge of the course that is necessary to help you move forward at this midway stage. By integrating the different elements and methods this weekend builds a more coherent foundation for writing high quality TMAs. A fuller understanding at this stage will leave you time to revise more effectively and efficiently when exam time comes.

Don't leave it until revision time to fully understand the course! It is so important to get to grips with the course material early in the course to help you with your TMAs and give you a good foundation for when you start your revision, when your increased understanding will make your revision so much easier. At approximately the halfway point of your course it is the ideal time to start looking at links and themes and think about how the whole course fits together. Many students have said that this weekend helps them suddenly understand what the course is all about as it all clicks into place.

What does the weekend offer?

A series of discussions, seminars and lectures provides a broad look at the topics covered on the course including conceptual overviews, identifying major themes and links and generally pulling the course together and bringing it to life. It offers a full programme of eight talks, running from Friday evening (registration from 3pm; dinner at 6pm and evening lecture at 8pm) until Sunday tea time (last lecture finishes at 3.30pm). As well as covering course related topics and study skills, the sessions also allow students the opportunity of acquiring a better understanding and overview of the course as a whole and discussing any difficulties with the tutors. In addition it is a chance to meet up with other students studying your course.

The weekend represents excellent value for money. The accommodation is in management conference facilities with ensuite bedrooms.  The cost for the whole weekend is inclusive of all meals, including Friday night and Saturday night dinner.  There are no extra costs involved (except for drinks at the bar!).  As well as your room and all meals this includes refreshments at break times, extensive handouts which are only available to attendees, eight lectures and a welcome drink on Friday night. Member discounts apply and non-residential places are available for a reduced price with all meals still included.

Extensive handouts will be given on each of the ED209 lectures. These handouts are only available to those attending the weekend.

Subsidised places

A number of subsidised places are available for this event. To apply for one of these please click here


Tutors for the weekend are Brenda Todd and Alan Pechey. Both are experienced and popular tutors who are very approachable: 


These are some of the comments made by previous students attending the event"

"All the topics were really excellent and lovely, sensitive, fun tutors."

"Some really meaty topics were chunked down into manageable sizes."

"Really liked the fact that talks went beyond the course material to give us a broader overview."

"All of the talks based on core topics of the books were excellent."

"Lovely weekend - so very useful and the learning zips together in such an easy way."

"A fantastic weekend. Thank you so much for the time and energy invested in these weekends. It is such a highlight of the academic year. I'm so glad I have invested in this weekend. I suspect it will help me achieve a higher grade." 

''Excellent. Was feeling overwhelmed with the course materials and the weekend has helped to clarify a number of issues. An absolute must !!"



The weekend takes place in Radcliffe Training and Conference Centre at the University of Warwick.  Warwick is an award winning conference venue with excellent facilities. Access to the sports facilities, including the swimming pool, are included in the price. The university's central location with excellent transport links makes it easily accessible from all over the UK and Europe. There is ample free car parking. For more details go to

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