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DE300 Methods Choice Day

17th August 2019, Hills Road 6th Form College, Cambridge.
Online booking has now closed, please contact cambridge@oups.org.uk for availability.

DE300 requires you to carry out an independent research project and this is a major component of the module assessment. Students need to choose between three methodologies (Experimental; Survey; Text based/Qualitative) to use for their project. The methodology chosen will be linked to the type of research question that you have. But students need to decide which is their preferred method for their project before the DE300 module starts.

The main purpose of this COUPS Methods Choice Day is to start preparing students for their project. The day is designed to help students with the key decision of which methodology they want to use. It will look at how different research questions require different methods and will look specifically at the each of the methods available to DE300 students. It will cover:
• Overview of psychological methods
• Thinking about your research question and what would be the most appropriate methodology for it
• Sessions on Experimental; Survey; Text based/Qualitative

The day will revise what you have already learnt about methods from DE200, refreshing your existing knowledge and filling in any gaps, and will also introduce some of the new things you will need to learn in DE300.

The day will be run by two very experienced tutors: Richard Cooper and Alan Pechey

The COUPS DE300 Methods Choice Day will allow students to get ahead in making this important decision about their preferred method and is designed to complement the OUPS DE300 Springboard Weekend in September, which will cover what all students need to know about each method and a more detailed preparation for working in their selected project area.

A flier for the event can be found here  COUPSDE300 flier.pdf

Enquiries about the day can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This event will be held at  the Hills Road Sixth Form College, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 8PE.
The venue is 10-15 minutes walk from Cambridge railway station and is also on several bus routes. Please follow the link below for a map and more information on travel.

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