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COUPS DE200 Methods Day

7th December 2019, Hills College, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 8PE
Online booking has now closed, please contact cambridge@oups.org.uk for availability.

The Methods Overview Day focusses on the methods students will encounter in DE200. 

Understanding research methods is critical for success in the module as well as providing an essential foundation for third level study, which assumes an understanding of these methods. It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different methods and the questions they can or can’t address. You will also need to apply some of the methods in your TMAs (TMA02 requires statistical analysis of an experiment and TMA04 involves a thematic analysis). The methods overview day addresses both aspects; providing a grounding for both sensible discussion and evaluation of the different types of method (including experimentation; use of questionnaires; and text based qualitative methods); and the basis of how to use these methods in practical assignments.

Structure of the day:

The day comprises four sessions. Subject areas are:

Session 1: Overall framework of approaches and methods; qualitative analysis (including a discussion of how the method has been applied to the study of gender development)

Session 2:  Experimental approach, statistics and SPSS (including a discussion of how to evaluate experimental studies)

Session 3: Questionnaires; correlations and group difference studies (including a discussion of how the method was applied to the study of morality development)

Session 4: Doing well in DE200 (including how to prepare for the exam and how to write good essays)   

Dr Alan Pechey is a very experienced OU psychology tutor. He currently tutors on E219 and DE200 (having previously been a tutor for over 20 years on OU child development and cognitive psychology courses) and is a popular tutor at OUPS Weekends. He has a masters (in cognitive development) and a PhD (looking at human memory) from Cambridge University.  
Registration is from 9.30am and sessions start at 10.00am.
A flier for the event is available from DE200COUPS Methods Overview Flier (rev).pdf


Lunch is not provided, but there are outlets nearby where you can purchase food and drink [alternatively please bring your own].


This event will be held at the Hills Road Sixth Form College, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 8PE. The venue is 10-15 minutes walk from Cambridge railway station and is also on several bus routes. Please follow the link below for a map and more information on travel.


For any questions about this event please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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