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DE100 Research and Essential Skills (Online)

Saturday 20th February, 2pm-6pm, LOUPS Online
Online booking has now closed, please contact london@oups.org.uk for availability.

This study session is an excellent opportunity to develop effective study skills to provide a firm foundation for the whole of your degree. It will also help you to get to grips with the various research methods covered in the module which will be so important when progressing through your degree.

It will be useful to all DE100 students, whether you started the module in October or will be starting in February.

Studying DE100 not only gives you an excellent introduction to psychology and its different areas, perspectives and theories, but it also gives you the opportunity to develop your academic skills, such as essay writing, critical thinking and referencing, and in addition it gives you a good grounding in the different methodologies used in psychology. Gaining a solid understanding of the material and practising and improving your study skills now will give you a firm foundation to build on at the higher levels of your degree.

How to join the event

You can buy this event just like any other OUPS event.

  • We will then send you several reminder emails as the event approaches, each containing a personalised link. You can click on any of these to join the event.
  • Once you have bought this event, you can also find your link to join the session right here, along with any event materials. You will just need to log into the website and come back to this page shortly before the event.

What does the event offer?

This event offers two talks, of 90 minutes each, centred around development of study skills and understanding of methods:

2.00pm-3.45pm, Session 1: Key features of research

  • Experiments and Correlations
  • Analysing quantitative data and writing a research report.

4.15pm-6pm, Session 2: Essay writing & DE100 study skills

  • Writing an essay*: focusing on the essay question, critical writing, concise writing;
  • Basic DE100 related study skills: referencing, planning, academic reading and note-taking.

* No advice on specific TMA questions will be given.

Event-specific material (accessible if you are logged in and authorised)

Please note that a fee will be applied if you download materials after cancelling your booking (see our Terms & Conditions).

  • TALK 1 Key features of research.pdf
  • TALK 2 Essay and study skills.pdf


  • Dr Monika McNeill is a lecturer in Psychology with 20 years of experience; currently based at Glasgow Caledonian University, where she is a module leader and a popular lecturer in Cognitive and Developmental Psychology. Monika has also worked at The Open University as an Associate Lecturer in Psychology for over 12 years and is a regular tutor at weekend revision courses for Open University Psychology Society (OUPS).

    She also contributes to a number of other modules, e.g. Forensic Psychology, Applied Psychology, Research Methods, etc. and has nine years of experience working as an applied psychologist, providing therapeutic interventions and developing psychological programmes for young adults and children with high functioning autism (Asperger Syndrome). 

Printed material

Please note that this is a paperless event.

To be more environmentally friendly and to help manage our prices we will make electronic copies of any relevant handouts available to all registered attendees, either in advance so that those who need printed versions have plenty of time to organise these, or shortly after the event if the tutor has decided that this is more appropriate for their lecture. These are for attendees' personal use and may not be shared.

We'd like to thank our tutors for working to ensure that their presentations do not contain material to which they do not have copyright and for making them available in this way. And in advance, we'd like to thank all of you who support us in actively contributing toward a paperless environment and saving a few trees along the way !


These are some of the comments that students have made about the our DE100 events in the past:

‘Perfectly organised and the tutors excellent’

‘Really enjoyable. I found the event really stimulating and thought provoking. Will definitely be coming back to another one’

'With both tutors I felt able to question and query anything – they were both approachable'

I enjoyed them very much, they were very imaginative and I felt like I learned a lot and they presented very well

'I've enjoyed myself tremendously. It was informative and has consolidated the material in the text book and left me with a greater enthusiasm than I had before, which was probably high to begin with.'

'Very stimulating! Full of insight and camaraderie. I think it will be very helpful to complete the module'

'There was a variety of lectures. Everybody was very friendly - tutors and students alike.'

I just wanted to say what a great event it was at Warwick University this weekend. Really constructive learning and skills development. Met some really fabulous people. Thanks are due for great organisation and presentations. Hope to see some folks again in London next month. On with the TMA then! Thanks Frederick Toates!


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