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DD307 Revision Weekend

5th-7th May 2017, Warwick University.
Online booking has now closed, please contact secretary@oups.org.uk for availability.

OUPS were the first people to start offering revision weekends to help students with their exams. We have been running them now for over 40 years, so we know from experience exactly what students want and need in order to give them the knowledge and skills, as well as the confidence, to improve their exam grades. The weekend will be of benefit to all students taking these courses.

Aims of the Revision Weekend

A weekend of lectures which aim to aid revision and exam technique and improve students' chances of increasing their final grade.

What does the weekend offer?

This revision weekend offers a full programme of nine talks, running from Friday evening (registration from 3pm; dinner at 6pm; evening lecture 8pm) until Sunday tea time (3.30pm). As well as covering revision of course materials and key issues and themes, the sessions also give advice on revision techniques and how to tackle the exam, as well as providing a comprehensive set of handouts to support your own revision sessions. If you have a specific problem you would like to discuss there is also the opportunity of a one-to-one session with a 'floating' tutor. In addition it is a chance to meet up with other students studying your course.

We have a team of three tutors teaching on the course as feedback from past students has underlined the value of having several different tutors, giving you the benefit of a range of specialised knowledge and advice and offering you a range of complementary styles of tutoring to keep you focused. Tutors on the weekend are are all highly experienced and include course team members, course writers and exam markers to give you a variety of specialised knowledge and advice.

The OUPS DD307 Revision Weekend offers you extensive coverage of everything you need to prepare you for your DD307 exam, covering all likely exam chapters plus advice on 'how to revise' and exam techniques, including how to approach exam questions. It will also help you to see how the course fits together and how some of the chapters link together, allowing you to construct informed and intelligent answers to the exam questions. The sessions will give you the confidence and the motivation to take on your own revision and go into the exam room well prepared. Many students have said that attending the weekend has improved their exam grade.

Sessions will cover the specific blocks which are relevant to the exam and there will be an additional sessions on .Revision Techniques' and 'Course Themes' .

Extensive handouts will be given on each of these lectures. These handouts are exclusive to students attending the weekend.

As well as the main programme of lectures a tutor will be available over the whole weekend for one to one sessions to help talk through any particular problems that you have with the course or with exams in general.


We have an excellent team of experienced and motivated tutors on this course.

  • Phil Hulme is from region 07 in Yorkshire, has been a tutor on DD307 since its introduction and also tutored on its predecessor D317. He is also an experienced and current exam marker hence able to offer a view from an examiner’s perspective. Phil can also provide invaluable insights into approaches to answering exam questions, particularly what catches the eye and crucially attracts the higher grades.
  • Julia Willerton is from region 07 in Yorkshire and she has been an OU tutor since 1999. Julia has tutored DD307 since its introduction and also worked on its predecessor D317 for several years. She has worked on many other courses (notably DSE212 and DXR222 ) where she has contributed to course books, DVD’s and other OU materials on qualitative methods. Julia has been an exam marker for DD307 and is able to offer an examiner’s view. She has the ability to explain difficult concepts simply.
  • Hilary Bruffell tutors DD307 in both Region 02 and Region 13.


A timetable for this event will be published here as soon as it is available.

Subsidised places

A number of subsidised places are available for this event. To apply for one of these please click here


Some of the things previous students have said about the Revision Weekends.

"An excellent weekend - well organised, well worth the money, time and effort"

"Excellent! Enthusiastic lecturers who deepened my understanding of the course and helped me to focus on the exam."

"Very good, interesting, engaging, made me realise I knew more than I thought I did! Would definitely attend a revision weekend for future course. It has set me up to start revising with more confidence."

"I was impressed with the quality of the teaching, with how each lecturer knew their subject in such depth yet could keep it simple".

"Really helpful. Good overview of chapters and approaches to take. Very supportive lecturers, able to convey a good balance re hard work and fun and importantly their enthusiasm for their topics."

"It has given me a motivation and confidence boost, I can't think of any improvements."

"Fantastic . So happy I did it!"

"Excellent as always. I wouldn't consider sitting an exam without gong on the OUPS revision weekend."

"Sadly this will be my last Warwick Revision Weekend as I graduate this year. Over the last 3 years I have found them to be indispensable and credit them with helping me achieve great grades. Thank you. I will miss being part of it."



The weekend takes place at The University of Warwick. The accommodation is in management conference facilities with ensuite bedrooms. All lectures will take place at Scarman House, accommodation will also be in Scarman house unless you have been informed otherwise. Click for details of Scarman House.

The cost for the whole weekend is inclusive of all meals, including Friday night and Saturday night dinner. There are no extra costs involved (except for drinks at the bar!). As well as your room and all meals this includes refreshments at break times, extensive handouts which are only available to attendees, revision of all relevant chapters, advice on revision techniques and taking the exam, welcome drink on Friday night, social event on Saturday night and an opportunity for one-to-one sessions. Non residential places are available with all meals still included.

Warwick is an award winning conference venue with excellent facilities. Access to the sports facilities, including the swimming pool, are included in the price. The university's central location with excellent transport links makes it easily accessible from all over the UK and Europe. There is ample free car parking by the accommodation.

Travel and directions

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For campus maps go to Warwick Campus Maps.


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