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D240 Counselling Psychology Weekend

26th - 28th January 2018, Warwick University.
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This event will be useful to all students who are studying or are thinking about studying D240.

However, the weekend will also be of interest to anyone looking to learn more about counselling and mental health issues, as the course offers a comprehensive insight into how the feelings of fear and sadness can be understood and explores the main approaches to counselling and psychotherapy and how they are used in practice.

Mental illness seems to be on the rise. D240 (Understanding counselling and psychotherapy) is a fascinating module for those interested in mental illness and current therapeutic interventions.  The focus of D240 is on developing critical thinking around various theories and techniques of psychotherapy.  These range from the biopsychosocial approach, psychoanalysis, humanistic, existential, cognitive-behavioural, and mindfulness to more social approaches such as systemic approaches. The module also traces the historical roots and political implications of these approaches. In addition, D240 investigates various quantitative and qualitative methods for evaluating counselling and psychotherapy.  

It is crucial to get to grips with these ideas early in the course to allow you to evaluate appropriately in your assignments. In the past many other OU courses included summer residential schools at the halfway point and these helped enormously to bring together all the information and thus enhance understanding. However, this is not offered on D240. 

What does the weekend offer?

The OUPS Counselling Psychology Weekend is aimed at both D240 students and anyone interested in understanding mental health issues from a critical perspective. It will help you fully understand critical evaluation and how it can be applied to the various psychotherapies. Gaining this fuller understanding should provide a more coherent foundation for writing high quality TMAs. 

What is on offer is a weekend of discussions, seminars and lectures which provide a broad but in-depth look at the mental illness and therapy. The weekend offers a full programme of eight talks, running from Friday evening (registration from 3pm; dinner at 6pm and evening lecture at 8pm), until Sunday tea time (last lecture finishes at 3.00pm). As well as covering course related topics and study skills, the sessions also allow the opportunity of discussing any difficulties with the tutors. In addition it is a chance to meet up with other students studying mental illness issues.

Topics to be covered will include:

Extensive handouts will be given on each of these lectures. These handouts are only available to those attending the weekend.

A flier for the event can be downloaded here Counselling Psychology (D240) flier Jan 2018.

The timetable for the event can be downloaded here D240 timetable January 2018

The weekend represents excellent value for money. The accommodation is in management conference facilities with ensuite bedrooms.  The cost is inclusive of all meals, including Friday night and Saturday night dinner.  There are no extra costs involved (except for drinks at the bar!).  As well as your room and all meals this includes refreshments at break times, extensive handouts which are only available to attendees, eight lectures and a welcome drink on Friday night. Non residential places are available for a reduced price, all meals are still included.

What to expect

The lectures are conducted in management conference seminar rooms within the University campus, and you will have been provided with a timetable of talks and lecture notes before you arrive.

You can choose how you spend your time. If you book the residential package then you will have a very comfortable ensuite room in management conference facilities complete with bedding, towels, a hairdryer, coffee-making facilities and desk. Wifi is also included. The training centre has a small exercise room within the building and you also have complimentary access to the  gym and pool on campus, so if you do want to relax then there is the option to do so.

The cost is inclusive of all meals, including Friday night and Saturday night dinner. There are no extra costs involved (except for drinks at the bar!). As well as your room and all meals this includes refreshments at break times, extensive handouts which are only available to attendees, revision of key course material, advice on revision techniques and assessments, welcome drink on Friday night. Non-residential places are available for a reduction, and the same breakfast, lunch, dinner and all tea/coffee/snack breaks during the day are still included.

The welcome drinks and psychology book stall are both excellent places to meet other students. All students and staff wear name badges, so it is easy to find somebody to help if you have any questions. You can enjoy your meals with a group of students in the comfortable dining room. The food is fresh, healthy buffet style catering, and there is something to entice everyone.

Finally, whilst most students leave exhausted from the learning and socialising, they comment that it is such a worthwhile weekend, and we see many of them each year as they progress their studies!


The tutors on this weekend are highly experienced and are very popular tutors. Both of them have been tutoring D240 for a number of years.


The weekend takes place at Scarman House, The University of Warwick. Both accommodation and lectures are located in the same building unless you have been informed otherwise.

Warwick is an award winning conference venue with excellent facilities. Access to the sports facilities, including the swimming pool, are included in the price. The university's central location with excellent transport links makes it easily accessible from all over the UK and Europe. There is ample free car parking.


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