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Co-operation, reciprocity, altruism and spite

24th Feb 2020, CUC Wine Bar, Cambridge
COUPS Social Event
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Co-operation, reciprocity, altruism and spite

A talk by Dr. Gillian Ragsdale.

Doors open at 6pm (Talk begins at 7pm).

This social event combines a talk and social drinks where you can meet other Open University Psychology students in the Cambridge Region both before and after the talk.

We are delighted to have Gillian Ragsdale giving this talk. Gill's main area of interest is the evolution and biology of the mind and behaviour—especially in the contexts of social behaviour, family dynamics, kinship and the role of epigenetics in mediating gene-environment interaction. Gillian currently teaches psychology with the Open University and her lively, entertaining style has made her a popular speaker at many OUPS events.

Gill‘s talk will consider the evolutionary basis for co-operation, reciprocity, altruism and spite:

‘It may not seem like it but humans are an unusually co-operative species. We do favours for people we don’t know and may never meet again and even risk our lives to save strangers. Then again, we also like to punish people who don’t co-operate even if it costs us to do so. How could these kinds of behaviour have evolved and if co-operation is such a good strategy why is there so much conflict?’

This is a great opportunity to socialise with other OU psychology students in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. In previous years these events have sold out, and we do not guarantee entry on the night, so book now to secure your place!

The COUPS AGM will be held during this event which is open to everyone. It is a chance to find out what we do and give us your ideas for events you would like us to hold.


Tickets cost £5 in advance or on the door.

Cost includes a glass of wine/beer or soft drink before the talk (up until 7pm).


This event will be held at the CUC Wine Bar, The University Centre, Granta Place, Cambridge, CB2 1RU

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