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Becoming a Clinical or Counselling Psychologist

5th July 2020, 8pm, Online room opens 7.50pm

Online booking has now closed, please contact secretary@oups.org.uk for availability.

A talk by Professor Neil Frude

Talk begins at 8pm for an hour, followed by Q&A.

In past years we've run weekend events where professional psychologists have presented on the areas in which they work, and we thought it might be interesting and helpful to people wondering "What do I do next ?" if we could run a series of similar sessions again. Of course ... online !

The title of the second talk in the series is "Becoming a Clinical or Counselling Psychologist", presented by Professor Neil Frude.:

"Many students embark on a psychology degree with the hope of having a career as a professional practising psychologist, and the majority of these are attracted to clinical or counselling psychology. This presentation will focus on both the opportunities and the challenges of making the transition from psychology graduate to clinical or counselling psychologist. It will focus on the practicalities, the “good news” and the “bad news”, and how students can increase their chances of being accepted on a training course."

The talk will last for around an hour, followed by the chance to ask questions. We hope you'll join us, and while entry is free, you need to bring your own drink 


Neil Frude


Professor Neil Frude is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. He was the Clinical Research Director of the South Wales Doctoral Training Course in Clinical Psychology for 16 years and was involved in the selection process throughout that time. He also acted as an External Examiner for six other clinical psychology training courses and has taught on many professional psychology training courses including those in counselling psychology, educational psychology, health psychology and forensic psychology. Neil has taught research methods and social psychology at the OUPS revision weekends for many years and is noted for his lively, engaging and inspiring style. He is also the author of “A Guide to SPSS” published by Palgrave Macmillan and – in a somewhat different key - he performed as a stand-up comedian for 16 nights at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004.



Hardware and software requirements

This lecture will be delivered using Adobe Connect. We recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer to attend the event, and you may be prompted to install a small software client so that you can see the presentation if this is not already on your computer.

Smartphones and tablets will also work, but the quality of your experience may vary depending on the performance of your device and your connection speed.

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